Michal Kuthan

Prijon teampaddler



About me:

 Couple years ago my mom took me to some random shop by the river. I really didn’t know what we were looking for...

One hour later we walked outside with two full sets of whitewater gear ready for my first kayaking adventure.

To be honest it wasn’t just coincidence. My grandfather was the one who fell in love with pure power of wild rivers.

It took our family some time but we got back to the roots.
Now I follow his passion to paddle, explore and share our whitewater dreams. 
Since I’ve decided to study media communication all my attention has been dragged to film making and editing was the one on the top of my list.

Now I am so happy I can combine both. My passion for outdoor sports (not only kayaking also biking, climbing or hiking) with what I do for living.
If you ask me about my favorite river I can hardly choose just one. Special place in my heart belong Isel and all the rivers around.

But in general I would never say no to Ulvaa slides, Rauma or Sjoa river. Also Colombian pearls Samana and Suarez can hardly disappoint you.

Every single river is unique and it’s hard to choose just one, but if I have to… it would be Sázava river.

It’s impossible to count how many times I paddled my homer at Czechia. It’s just class II river. Even with a good flows.
But as we celebrated my grandpa’s entering to eternal life there it’s the place where I am so close to him and I can feel our connection to nature, to the river, to ourselves.


About the boats?

Well it’s always good to fly high with Cocaine. But do you know that feeling when everything work well in your life with just only a little effort?

Yeah that’s how I feel while paddling Party Pike. I never enjoyed paddling so much as a last time on Saalach river - Lofer section.

My only thoughts were: Born on Lofer - made for Lofer. Tailes, huge boofs and countless perfect moves…

It was just a great day on the water with no fear, just pure fun.





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It’s not much yet… but don’t worry more is coming soon.