Maxime Le Morvan


Name: Maxime Le Morvan

Nickname:  “Petit poney “ “ little poney”

Hometown: Annonay ( Next to Lyon ) , France

Height: 1,77 m

Weight: 70 kg

Day of birth: 02/03/1995

Member of the Prijon-Team since: 2016



About myself:

Have been in kayak from 7 years and train a lot in slalom . I start Creeking at 14 years and i found the real spirit of kayaking in this discipline. With the white water i discover the passion of travel in lot of country of Europe ( Portugual , Spain , Italy , Suisse , Austria , Germany , Norway .. )  , the opportunity to work inside my passion in Rafting for travel  , to feel the incredible wild world and the importance to protect against the industry evolution and to share my passion for defends the interest of kayaking everywhere.



Hobbies (besides Kayaking):

Climbing , trail in competition  and all the outdoors sports !


Favorite Rivers/Spots:

Skjoli , Norway. Norway is awesome and gonna stay in my heart but in France we have a lot of little “ Pearl of creek “ also !


Why do I Kayak?:

For live in the nature , travel everywhere , feel my limits and be free with all my kayakist friends . The spirit of kayak and all the outdoor sports is awesome.


Favorite-Prijon-Product: COCAINE PRO




Statement about my Favorite-Prijon-Product: 

An unordinary look for feel one pack of explosive sensations . Some straight lines really fast offer to slalom inside the rapids and to totally control your boat . You feel way better the stream and it’s so fun to boof with this great flat front part !



Website: Caillettes Braisées , Cocorico Kayak Team