Marinus Bauer

Prijon Teampaddler



About me:


Hometown: Rosenheim/GER

Day of birth: 29 March 1997

Height: 189cm

Weight: 82kg

Favorite River: Sogndalselva (Norway)

Hobbies besides kayaking: Mountainbiking, Mountaineering, Skitouring

Member of the Prijon-Team since: 2017
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I started kayaking at the kayak club in Rosenheim when I was twelve and took part in canoe slalom competitions for the first few years. Based on this I found my passion in whitewater kayaking. I want to visit impressive places all over the world and go kayaking! Constantly looking for new rivers and trying to explore new kayaking areas. Especially expeditions and multi-day trips. Always accompanied by camera and GoPro.


Favorite product: BEAST

I like the big hull bottom and the heavy rocker profile because it keeps me sitting on top of the water and helps me boofing my way downstream.

Its length of 9 foot and a very dry running platform ensure a high speed, to safely arrow over retentive holes or to speed up in waves.