Marinus Bauer

Prijon Teampaddler



About me:


Hometown: Rosenheim/GER

Day of birth: 29 March 1997

Height: 189cm

Weight: 82kg

Favorite River: Sogndalselva (Norway)

Hobbies besides kayaking: Mountainbiking, Mountaineering, Skitouring

Member of the Prijon-Team since: 2017
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I started kayaking at the kayak club in Rosenheim when I was twelve and took part in canoe slalom competitions for the first few years. Based on this I found my passion in whitewater kayaking. I want to visit impressive places all over the world and go kayaking! Constantly looking for new rivers and trying to explore new kayaking areas. Especially expeditions and multi-day trips. Always accompanied by camera and GoPro.


Favorite product: PARTY PIKE

I particularly like how it behaves in whitewater. Lots of speed and quick course changes over the stern.

The roots of canoe slalom can be clearly felt here. It's definitely my one for all choice due to the wider base and rocker in the front it feels much more stable and allows me to run really serious whitewater. And when the whitewater difficulty decreases the super flat stern offers a lot of play potential to show off all the cool downriver moves which always makes me smile.