Jack MacGowan


My name is Jack Mac and I live for adventure. Home is where I park it, work is where I find it and love is found in the mountains. I’m a nomad, seeking out a life less ordinary, in pursuit of experiences, not money. I work to live, not live to work and invest every penny I make into building a sustainable life of adventure.


Life on the bike or in the kayak is simple…ride, eat, sleep, repeat. The stress and noise of everyday life is silenced and replaced with a simple desire to reach your destination. Everything you need to live is stored neatly in just a few panniers/bags on your bike or in your kayak. It’s on the trails and on the water that you’re reminded the very best things in life are free and that nature provides a satisfaction that far surpasses anything you can buy. Bicycle or kayak touring/bikepacking allows you to escape the pressures of modern life, revert back to a more primitive existence and quite simply enjoy life as a human ‘ being ’. The truth is, this has become the only life I know, I want, and the reason I decided to make the transition to van life.


‘ Bicycle Touring Apocalypse ’ hopes to inspire others to get out on their bike and explore, whilst ‘ Ancient Syncrology ’ documents my life on the road and offers guidance on alternative living.


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