Igor Mlekuž


Vorname: Igor

Nachname: Mlekuž

Spitzname: Igorček

Heimatort: Bovec/SLO

Körpergröße: 175

Gewicht: 80

Geburtstag: 02.11.1982


Im Prijon-Team seit: 2000


Über mich:

Igor is best known as a type that talks less and does more. Even though he hasn’t trained slalom as a kid, he became a paddler famous for his will to train on his own. He doesn’t let emotions take control of his kayaking and is therefore known for his solid style and performance. A great and reliable companion on toughest of the missions. He is the owner of his own kayak shop and school in Bovec.


Lieblings-Flüsse/Spots/Reviere: Norway, California, Europe, Chile, Argentina, Nepal, Colombia - and of course: Soča


Andere Hobbys (neben Kajakfahren): Biking, Skiing, Sleeping ;)


Warum fahre ich Kajak?

I just love it.


Lieblings-Prijon-Produkt: BEAST







Website: www.prijon-sportcenter.si



Igor in Action: