Dennis Messemer

Prijon Teampaddler


Heimatort: Mainz, wohne zurzeit in Innsbruck
Geburtsdatum: 29.06.1997
Größe: 177, Gewicht: 72kg

LIEBLINGSFLUSS: hard one: Either Driva, Sermenza or Rio Claro
Hobbys: Skiing, Skitouring, Climbing


"I started kayaking when I was 7 years old and immediately fell in love with it. My mom told me that even when all the other kids were complaining about the bad weather, I was happy just to be in my kayak. We joined one of the kayaking clubs, the VFL Bad Kreuznach in my hometown, and at the age of eleven, I started competing in canoe slalom. A big shout out to them for teaching me the most beautiful sport in the world. After several years of intense training and competition, I decided to leave the slalom circuit and switch to whitewater kayaking. Less cold winter training, less pressure, but much more paddling in much more beautiful rivers and way better parties :)


For me, kayaking combines four things I love: Firstly, I really enjoy the feeling of my boat moving in whitewater. Everything is super smooth and fluid. I don't think there is any sport with more fluid movements. Well, how could there be? With your kayak you're basicly gliding on a fluid surface. Secondly, my kayak gives me the opportunity to explore nature, remote places, and gorges that are innaccessible by any other means. Also, I love solving the 100% natural puzlles that nature presents to me in form of hard rapids. Rivers have evolved naturally and no human has altered them to make kayaking possible. So it's just me and my kayak to navigate nature. Last but not least, the team aspect of kayaking. Although it's primarily an individual sport, on difficult rapids, you rely on your friends for safety, and navigating through a remote canyon is only possible as a team effort.


Now I'm searching for new rivers to paddle, especially in the Alps and Norway. After spending some time in Chile in 2023, I'm eager to explore more of the whitewater paradises South America has to offer. Otherwise, I spend a lot of time in the summer having fun and pushing my limits on my home river: The Ötztaler Ache.

Let's meet there at a takeout in the evening sun and have some Beers.



                                                                                                                                                                                                   Foto: Milos Jakobi