Alex McIntyre


Name: Alex McIntyre

Nickname: Big Mac

Hometown: Bensville, Australia

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 75kg

Day of birth: 16/5/1991

Member of the Prijon-Team since: 2015


Norway summer 2016 from Alex McIntyre on Vimeo.


About myself:

Have been in a kayak from a very young age because of my farther (Chief) and I started paddling bigger rivers from age 14 and it all went from there. Where I live at home is by the ocean but I think that made my love for kayaking stronger because whenever there was water around we would pack up and go. Travelling 4-8 some times that would never stop us. I also am a Member of the Australian wildwater team and have been doing this from a young age. I am currently living in Rosenheim Germany so I can live more of a full time kayak lifestyle and keep bettering myself.


Hobbies (besides Kayaking): Skiing, surfing, anything outdoors


Favorite Rivers/Spots: Nymboida river, Australia


Why do I Kayak?: I have not found anything as fun and rewarding. The places and people you meet in kayaking there is no comparison.


Favorite-Prijon-Product: COCAINE PR-X



Statement about my Favorite-Prijon-Product: Love the way the boat runs through hard whitewater, it’s a fun boat and can be easily moved around in both steep creeks and bigger volume rivers and most of all I feel comfortable in it.