Name: Matjaž Lužar

Hometown: Lake Bohinj

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Day of birth: 30.1.1992

Member of the Prijon-Team since: 2017


About myself:  I was competing in alpine skiing for more than 15 years! Bough my first play boat in the age of  17, but because of the lack of time kayaking just in the summers rivers class 1-2. I bough my first creek boat in the age of 20, but really start to kayaking outside the country allot 2 years ago.

Otherwise I’m studying sports in Ljubljana.


Visited countries (past 2 years/ seasons): Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Peru, Chile


Hobbies (besides Kayaking): Skiing, Snowboarding, climbing


Favorite Rivers/Spots: Učja, Tržiška Bistrica and Soča (Slovenia)


Why do I Kayak?: Because I can travel and I like to see, and explore different places, which are possible just with the kayak, and yeah, also to push my limits to the maximum.  Because felling after running a tough rapid is just priceless!


Favorite-Prijon-Product: All the Prijon Curves! If the water is low on Soča I like to paddle Curve 2.5 or 3.0, but now my favorite is for sure Curve 3.5 Creek!