Jan Praprotnik


Vorname: Jan

Nachname: Praprotnik

Spitzname: Jan

Heimatort: Ljubljana

Körpergröße: 178cm

Gewicht: 81kg

Geburtstag: 16.12.1991

Im Prijon-Team seit: September 2015


Über mich:

I am 23 years old student currently living in Slovenia. Currently i am finishing the Master program in Robotics systems and Control (Zurich, Switzerland) (nearly finished)) and my background is Mechanical engineering (Ljubljana, Slovenia). I started kayaking at the age of 14 in Bovec, Slovenia. First few years it was only 2 weeks a year but after the first trip to Corsica the tides changed. I started kayaking more and more until today where i make somwhere between 100 and 150 kayaking days per year. 


Andere Hobbys (neben Kajakfahren):

Freeride skiing; climbing; running; basketball.



Učja, upper Idrijca, Soča (Slovenia); Verzasca (Switzerland), Valsesia as the region and if i want to scare myslelf i can go to Lienz (austria) at juicy levels ;)


Warum fahre ich Kajak?

I love staying in nature and experiencing and adventure. The feeling when you push yourself over your limit and run a tough rapid (it can even be a class 3 if you just started kayaking) is mind blowing!


Lieblings-Prijon-Produkt: CURVE CREEK 3.5 PRO






What is a really, really cool feeling is that i do not care if i smash rocks all day long, because the plastic is so good and strong it does not crack. Also i was surprised how good you can run the boat in the low volume river, easy to boof even with my 81 Kg which according to Prijon should be on the limit (but i did not find any difficulties). 



Two Little Slovenian Gems from Matjaz Luzar on Vimeo.