Touring Special

Made in Europe
The TOURING SPECIAL is a high quality touring and sea kayak spraydeck. Very stretchable plate with abrasion-resistant area at the front, knee belt and grip sling. Latex coat on the inside, excellent hold, even on wet cockpit rims. Chimney made of breathable 3-layer Laminatee for the most comfortable fit. Width of hem can be individually adjusted. Shoulder straps guarantee and excellent fit and can be taken off.

These spraydecks are suited for permanent use on rivers, lakes and the sea. The most important characteristic of these decks is that they stay firmly on the cockpit, even in choppy waters and when doing an Eskimo-roll.


Available in three sizes:

Touring Special Cockpit 84 - 88 cm:   Art. 73750
Touring Special Cockpit 92 - 96 cm:   Art. 73700
Touring Special Cockpit 95 - 105 cm: Art. 73760