Rok Sribar

Name: Rok Sribar

Nickname: Rok

Hometown: Auburn, California, USA

Height: 5’ 10” (177 cm)

Weight: 178 lb (80 kg)

Day of birth: June 19, 1964

Member of the Prijon-Team since:1982 (yes, since the Taifun times :) )


About myself:

In 1972, my brother and I launched a homemade wooden raft onto the Savinja River, near our home in the small Slovenian village of Šempeter. We didn’t have paddles, just sticks. A few years later we traded a raft for a two seated WW canoe. Then one of our friends got a used glass-fiber Prijon slalom kayak from Germany. With friends, we created a mold using this kayak and then built our own kayaks. By the time I was 17, my brother (Luka) and I were regularly running Soča River Canyons and some of the hardest whitewater in Austria and Italy.

In 1989, I came to the U.S. to attend Cornel University, where I earned Ph.D. in Theoretical & Applied Mechanics. I spent six years paddling on the Eastern Seaboard and Quebec while writing my doctoral thesis. I landed the first “real” job at General Electric Corporate Research.

I married my wife, Sara Perkovic, in 1995. Not long after, Luka and I decided to travel across the country, paddling the best, and hardest whitewater we could find. On May 28, 1996, Luka perished after a swim on the “Golden Gate” section of the South Fork of the American River in California. I was devastated, yet somehow I went on to paddle even harder whitewater all over the world. Over the next decade, I have established myself as a successful Silicon Valley executive and a management consultant, and have started a family.

I still find the time to paddle between 100-130+ days a year, hucking 40+ foot waterfalls in South America, and doing my annual run of the Middle Fork of the Kings, my favorite multiday; all while teaching my two daughters, Lea, 8, and Ria, 12, how to slalom kayak.

Kayaking is the love of my life and I make the time for the things I care about.


Hobbies (besides Kayaking):

Alpine skiing, learning and reading (just about anything)


Favorite Rivers/Spots:

Too many to remember all: double pothole on the Upper Cherry Creek (California), Fantasy Falls (California), Dinky Creek (California), first 0.5 mile on the Yuba Gap (California), P-B on the SF Yuba (California), Rio Baker (Chile), V-drive on the Stikine (B.C.), beginning of the steep section of the Clendening Creek (B.C.), Soča Canyon (Slovenia), and many more.


Why do I Kayak?:

Kayaking is like a food to me. Without it, I simply don’t feel right.


Favorite-Prijon-Product: The Cali





It’s the boat that gives you the same confidence on high volume rivers like Stikine or Rio Baker, and on steep creeks like MF Kings or Upper Cherry Creek.


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