Our MULTIBAG line - waterproof dry pack bags, made of high- quality material with the handy roll-top-closure by PRIJON. Sturdy and simple to use.


Essential accessorie for every paddler!


Available in sizes starting from 3 L - e.g. for a digicam - up to 60 L - e.g. for the luggage of a longer tour.

3 Litres

black Art.No. 44009

transparent Art.No. 44101


8 Litres

black Art.No. 44008

transparent Art.No. 44102


12 Litres

black Art.No. 44010

transparent Art.No. 44103


20 Litres

black Art.No. 44011

transparent Art.No. 44104


40 Litres

black Art.No. 44012

transparent Art.No. 44105


60 Litres

black Art.No. 44013

transparent Art.No. 44106

Warning: We are not responsible for damage on your products, due to water in the dry bag. No liability for damages. We recommend to check the dry bag for its water tighness before every use.