Darin McQuoid

Name: Darin McQuoid 

Hometown: Three Rivers, Ca 

Height: 5'6" 

Weight: 170 

Day of birth: 23/23/81 

Member of the Prijon-Team since: 2015 


About myself:

I grew up loving the simple act of exploring river canyons on foot. Years later I discovered rafting, and finally kayaking; then I was hooked. It's simply the best way to be on the water.  


Hobbies (besides Kayaking):

Outside of kayaking I am an avid photographer and enjoy backpacking, mountain biking, and skiing. Really anything outdoors. 


Favorite Rivers/Spots:

First whatever river I am currently on. Then Dinkey Creek, the Yuba River and the Kaweah River in California. The Lohit River in Arunachal Pradesh, India is an all time favorite too. 


Why do I Kayak?:

The reward of traveling through amazing places, dealing with challenges and overcoming them (be it running a rapid or portaging) is part of what makes us who we are. For me personally kayaking has been life defining, and the most empowering thing I've ever done. The challenges and real and concrete, as are the rewards and the potential consequences. In a world full of gray areas, undefined expectations and vague goals (American Dream?) a day on the river is black and white, a successful journey from point a to point b. I believe this, and time in remote beautiful places, is what I embrace, but only a small part of the big picture. Perhaps like a lot of things in life, the beauty of kayaking is that the beauty is too complex to be truly defined. 



Favorite-Prijon-Product:  Cali 




Statement: I love the Prijon Cali, for our larger volume rivers and creeks it's the perfect boat to punch big holes and run slides and falls. On the expedition trips it is a huge relief to not worry about a broken boat every time a rock is bumped. 


Website: www.darinmcquoid.com